Advanced Artistic Makeup Certificate

2 1 w e e k c o u r s e
Ma k e u p f o r F i lm & T V
Ma k e u p f o r S t a g e , T h e a t r e a n d S F X
F a c e & B o d y P a i n t i n g

Payment plan options are available upon application – Phone 1300 770 428.

The Advanced Artistic Makeup Certificate will expand your knowledge across the more artistic elements of the makeup industry. The Advanced Artistic Makeup Certificate covers makeup for film and television, including period makeup, ageing, lighting and script reading, Makeup for Theatre and Stage including the gory world of special effects and Face and Body Painting!  If you have completed a basic beauty makeup course but would love to expand your skill set to the more artistic techniques this is the perfect course for you!

Below is a more detailed outline of what our students learn.

Module 1

Makeup for Film and Television

  • Studio TV lighting
  • Cinema lighting : studio and outside
  • Historic make-up : Egyptian, Greek, Rome, the Middle Ages, the XVI century, the XVII century, the XVIII century, the XIX century et the XX century, and period makeup from 1920 to 1990.
  • Characters for Film
  • Makeup for Television
  • Airbrushing
  • Aging for Film & Television
  • Preparing budgets, rostering crews
  • Script reading

Module 2

Makeup for Theatre and Stage

  • Introduction
  • Make-up for the stage, ballet and opera.
  • Theatre lighting effects on the make-up
  • The expressions of the face: happiness , sadness, etc
  • Fantasy makeup: The ballerina, geisha, Opera, Pierrot Colombine, Cabaret…


  • Introduction
  • Aging for cinema with latex
  • Aging for the stage

Special Effects

  • Introduction
  • Cut, burn, scar, broken nose, brow block, stitches
  • Tears and sweat
  • Bruising
  • Bullet holes and exit wounds
  • Prosthetics
  • Beards and stubble
  • Making and applying bald caps

Module 3

Face and Body Painting

  • Face painting
  • Body art and body painting
  • Applying and concealing tattoos

Makeup Composition

  • Designing and applying for a theme
  • Ethnic make-up


 $7,500 + Expert makeup kit

Payment plan options are available upon application.


425 hours over 5 months. Current study option is part time study; 3 days per week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).


Students are required to have completed at least Cert II in Makeup or equivalent to be eligible.

Students are required to purchase a full professional kit at $1500 (This includes SLA product valued at $3000) and a SFX Kit (TBA)

Work Experience

All students will be required to participate in at least 50hrs of work experience roles throughout their course which will expose them to all areas of this part of the industry.

A full portfolio (3 professional photo shoots + class shoots) is achieved throughout the course.