Student Makeup Kits

SLA Paris Makeup Kits

When you study at the SLA Academy you work with the highly acclaimed, French, Professional and Natural Makeup line SLA Paris.  SLA Paris is designed by the Professor of Makeup Artistry, Serge Louis Alvarez, and the paraben free and cruelty free collection is created in his own factory in the South of France.  Learn more about Serge Louis Alvarez here

When you enrol in either the Principles of Makeup Design Course or the Advanced Bridal Makeup Course you will be required to purchase the POMD Student Kit.  You will use this kit in the classroom throughout each of these courses and it is imperative that you have the right makeup tools to practice the skills taught to you each lesson at home as well. 

The POMD Student Kit is compulsory to purchase upon enrolment. 

You will also be required to bring a 12 or 16pce professional makeup brush set plus a list of essential makeup tools as detailed below.  If you already own these items you do not need to order them through the Academy, but if you do you are able to purchase them at 50% off RRP.