Who is Serge Louis Alvarez?

SergeWho is Serge Louis Alvarez?

Serge Louis Alvarez began his career at a very young age in the theatres, opera houses, advertising and fashion houses in France as an elite makeup artist.

Alvarez Bio:

  • Professional Make up director in Paris opera
  • Make up director in Paris comics opera
  • Make up designer : special effects
  • Creation activity: advertising for Kodak Perrier etc…
  • Make up designer : theatre, Chatelet theatre, Paris
  • Make up designer : show business, Lido, Paradis Latin
  • Make up designer : haute couture – Paco Rabane,
  • Ready to wear : Halles group, Kenzo, Chacok, young designers
  • Designer for cosmetic ranges

Serge Louis Alvarez found that there was a strong need in the market place for a premium product that would perform as all professional’s desire it to. It was for this reason that in 1984, he began creating a range that was highly pigmented and designed for pure longevity. By 1988 the range had expanded to 300 products but at this point it was still only available to the professional market.

The public company SLA Creation was formed in 1992, and at this time the range grew dramatically, launching a total of 1200 products for both the professional and retail sector.

Building his own manufacturing facility, with laboratory, in Valence, based in the south of France, Serge Louis Alvarez was able to continue creating innovative new products unlike any others in the market place. In 2005, SLA won the “Best New Innovative Product Award” at the Paris show for the design of the SLA Makeup Studio Finish.
In addition, with Serge Louis Alvarez himself working for fashion houses such as Paco Rabane, he remained constantly in tune with the latest fashion launches before they reach the market, and continues to develop fabulous collections for the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

In early 2008, Serge Louis Alvarez launched the first of his ECOCERT certified organic products with the release of the collection “100% Nature”.


Serge Louis Alvarez is committed to developing his products without the use of parabens, phenoxyethanol or PEG. Where possible all ingredients are now being sourced from fair trade, packaging is refillable and recyclable and no products are tested on animals.